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My Toronto blessing!

On Saturday Oct. 15, 2005, Early am I was sitting in my prayer chair in the presence of God when I fell a sleep and began to dream. I dreamed I was still in my prayer chair but only in a conference setting. People were walking past me with somewhat dissatisfied looking faces. One woman stopped to talk to me. She had a desperation in her voice when she said "I’m still hungry" My remark was well you need to get that from God!

Then I noticed about 20 feet away from me Heidi Baker stood talking to some people. She glanced over at me setting in my prayer chair and pointed her finger and said" I want to pray for you! I need to pray for you! I said "well Ok. " Heidi came over and laid hands on me praying the fathers blessing upon me and began to prophesy my future. I woke up wondering if I would be going to that conference called soaking in God’s Glory. This was that Saturday two weeks before the conference (although at the time of the dream I did not know the date it was being held).

I told no one of the dream not even my husband. The next day I received an e-mail concerning Heidi being sick with a resistant form of staph infection, that she was fighting for her life and would need to rest. " The following Monday at 5pm a friend from Atlanta called saying if I wanted to go to Toronto she would pay my way. After I had agreed to go and the ticket was payed for it seemed like all hell broke loose every day I experienced pressure from the enemy who was resisting me. With sickness trying to come against me, my children fighting, need of preparation for the trip, could not find my birth certificate etc...

When I mentioned it to some friends at church the following Sunday they said "you realize Heidi Baker is not going to be there" I said " I know but I am not going there for man I am going there for God and besides I figure God is going through a lot of trouble to get me there, so I am going!

The day arrived to leave for the Toronto with out any more trouble as I had been using the word through prayer to resist the devil. When we arrived at the airport I had placed my b-certificate in the pocket of my suitcase for safe keeping and checked my luggage. So at customs I did not have it with me. The man at the window said God just told me to let you in. The Lord even went before me there.

We arrived at the church and the first night the Holy Spirit dialed up the hunger in everyone. I do not remember ever having been so hungry in my life. I am a person who spends hours a day in His presence so for me to be that hungry was at first a mystery. All of the ladies I came to meet up with were feeling the same way. The great cry of our corporate heart was God you can’t leave me like this, I can not go back the same way I left. Please I beg of you visit me here, I cried! Later I understood what he was doing. The Holy Spirit creates hunger with in our hearts, so that our heavenly Father would come fill us there by meeting our need, and satisfying His desire to touch us with His bountiful love.

With each service it became apparent that God had orchestrated this meeting to play with and lavish His great Love upon His beloved children. No eye was upon man’s gifting or ministry and there was so much freedom. People were laughing some were crying others swept away in His presence and dealings all unique to each persons need. I have never seen a church where the Holy Spirit was truly given freedom to do what ever He wanted, and operated lovingly upon all who were willing to participate.

During a soaking prayer session The Fathers hands and arms reached out for me He put His left hand on my head and right arm around me then pulled me to His breast. He rocked me while I wept, I knew some how that the pain in my heart was draining out with His love and my tears. The session had ended and I recognized that I was not completely free but there was a marked difference but was grateful for anything I received from my Father. Throughout the day following that experience the Father appeared to me pulling me to His breast sometimes I would weep sometimes I would simply melt into His arms and just enjoy Him.

While the pastors preached many people were laughing quite loudly. In the bathroom during a service Jesus decided to give some ladies gold teeth while they were praying for a discouraged woman who had not been touched. My friend and I were so intrigued with the sounds of laughter and rejoicing coming out of the ladies bathroom that we had to go check it out. When we walked in the presence of God greeted us. The ladies gathered around my friend and she fell under the Holy Spirit’s power . Then God our Father ministered to some of the wounds in her heart. Another friend followed us into the bathroom shortly after. I pointed to our other friend being ministered to and then this one began to cry as she fell upon my shoulder. I pulled her into the middle and other women began to pray for her Jesus took the pain out of her heart. For sometime we continued "loudly" in prayer. There must have been about 30 or so women in that bathroom we were like sardines. That was fun!